be ready in 5 minutes

hello guys,

I’ve always wanted to write in english in this blog so I thought this could have been the best post to start with!

today I’ll start a section dealing with being ready in 5 minutes in different situation of the day. let’s get going!

I bet that everyone of us, someday will be in a rush and that same day they’ll realize they have to do thousands things in… five minutes! and I also bet that within those thousands things you must do, you also need to have a shower cause… ladies, I know what you did yesterday night and you really need to rinse all that sins off your body, ya know what I mean 😉

ok, let’s be serious! so in this first post of this new column I’ll suggest you two products which are my holy grail when it comes to washing at full speed.


let’s start soaping that beautiful body.WP_20150628_006 what I reccomend to use is a shower scrub gel in so doing you will smell like heaven and your skin will be smooth and soft at the same time.
I really do like using this shower gel by yves rocher that smeels like apple and has kiwi seeds into it that polish and clean your skin out amazingly without causing any type of irritation since it’s very gentle.

in 1 minute you’ll be perfectly washed!

ok now let’s jump into, maybe, the longest thing to do when you’re in the shower: wash your hair.


before washing your body, wash your hair! WP_20150628_004actually, if you use a nourishing and hydriting shampoo, which helps to prevent tangles, you can skip the conditioner step.

I love this low shampoo, always by yves rocher. it’s a cream and it’s studied to be used every day; actually it seems like a conditioner not only for its moisturizing qualities but also for the texture so creamy and nice, that slides into your hair and make it so soft and smooth.

so apply the shampoo all over your sculpt and lenghts till the ends of the hair, leave it there and lather up your body and finally give your hair a wash.

you’ll be ready in less than 5 minutes.

have you ever tried these products? let me know in the comment box below if you have; and if you like this post, please give me a like and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. furthermore, since this is my first english post, write in a comment if I have to improve my writing skills, but, the most important thing, introduce yourself!! I reallly want to know where my readers come from. I always love hearing and reading from you.

see you in my next post,



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