make up look with w7 products

hi guys, welcome back to my blog, but most of all, to my english posts!

today I’m gonna show you how to recreate a full make up look featuring the 3 main products which w7 sent me (that I’m gonna reviewing in few days!)


that’s the look that I decided to recreate: fresh and feminine. I really hope that you like it and now let’s get going!

First of all, I’ve done my eyebrows with the brow parlour kit. WP_20150716_063I’ve applied the wax with the angled brushWP_20150716_064 that comes with, and then i comb my hair with the other side of the brush. I’ve filled in my brows with the lightest shade and for the end of my brows I’ve made used of the darkest shade.

Let’s move onto the eye make up! I’ve kept using the same brow kit and I’ve put in my crease the light brow shade with a blending brush and I’ve blended it out, with the same brush I’ve lain on the darkest brown right below the first shade and in the outer corner of my eye, next I’ve mixed the two colours together.

Secondly I’ve taken the duoble act, which is a WP_20150716_075duo of a bronzer and a blusher, and I’ve applied the blush shade wet, spraying a vitamin mist on a flat brush, then I’ve dabbed it on the center of my lid stratifying it just to make the colour pop.

For the inner corner and the brow bone I’ve applied the highlighting shade in the brow kit.

For my lower lash line I’ve used the darkest brown on the outer part of the line and I’ve blended it towards the inner corner with the light brown colour. Then add some mascara and the eye make up is done!

Moving into my complexion I’ve used a bb cream and then I’ve made a very harsh contouring. So I’ve used the brown shade from the double act duo and I’ve firstly applied it with a contour brush, in so doing I can have a very soft blending appearance and then I’ve WP_20150716_080applied with the brush that comes with  (which is so fluffy and soft!) only under my cheekbone to be more precise and give more intensity, then I’ve blend it with the same brush.

To make it just a little bit more naturale I’ve taken a blush brush and soften the edges with a setting powder.
To complete this make up I’ve put on my lips a cool red lipstick and the super kiss lip gloss in the shade graceland on the top. And we’ve done!!

so guys I really do hope that this could have been helpful or interesting for you and now I leave all the pics of the look down below.  let me know what do you think in the comment box down below!

see you in the next post, love you.

sincerely yours, Noemieyedetail1




2 pensieri riguardo “make up look with w7 products

    1. Grazie mille, nei prossimi post caricherò le recensioni ma devo dire che mi hanno stupito davvero!! Comunque ci tenevo a ringraziarti perché sei sempre molto attiva, commenti sempre e mi dici cosa ne pensi sotto quasi ogni post! Grazie mille, lo apprezzo tantissimo!

      Mi piace

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