double act bronzer and blusher by w7 reviews [EN]

hey guys,

today I want to talk about a product sent to me by the brand w7. I’m gonna review the double act which is a bronzer and blusher kit.


•  the texture is super creamy and the two colors are both shimmer

• it has two shades: one for contouring or to bronze your skin and the other one for blushing

• it comes with a flat fluffy brush

•  too bad, I haven’t find this exactly WP_20150716_075product on the website so I actually can’t tell
you the price but I bet it costs the same as the other bronzer boxes: £4,95


Application, appearance on the face, duration WP_20150716_077

the two colors are very pigmented and really nice to feel, furthermore they’re buildable so it’s possibile to have a stronger or an every day kinda look, according to your look and style.

the glitters in it give such a beautiful golden yet wearable glow which, to me, matches perfectly with tanned complexion. moreover, if you apply this you can skip the highlighting step, perfect if you’re in a rush!

I was blown away by the duration of this product, most of all of the darker shade. I don’t know if you’ve read that I hate so bad the chocolate soleil by too faced, since it doesn’ last on me… I mean, after two hours it just fades! and so I was really scared that this bronzer could not last as well, but WP_20150716_079guys…trust me, it lasts at least 8 hours: it doesn’t matter if you sweat, you don’t have to worry about it cause it will settle on your skin forever.

let’s talk about the brush that comes within, that’s one of the fluffiest thing I have ever touched and it’s perfect for a bold contouring.


I really do love this product, most of all the brown shade that I use to contour. I find also that the pink shade is perfect as an eyeshadow.

So, if you can buy it, do it. you won’t regret.

let me know what do you think in the comment box down below, and we’ll see in the next post.

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sincerely yours, Noemi




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