My favourite youtube accounts

hi guys, how are you? I hope you’re having a beautiful day!

today I’m going to share with you my favourite people on youtube. I am italian but I’m going to talk about only foreign people cause I don’t actually think that you, who speak english, watch and follow italian youtubers who speak italian, so it wouldn’t be interesting for you and it would be completely useless!



the first one I want to mention is xxsarahnicolexx. she’s a make up artist and she does such amazing make up looks but the most beautiful thing is that she can literally wears everything on her face and still looks amazing! furthermore she’s such a polite and kind person: she always replies every comments down her videos and she keeps showing the deepest love for all her followers. another thing that I find amazing about her is the videos where she inserts some scientific knowledge in the daily make up products that we all use, I think that it is so interesting! she literally blows my mind, every time.



I love her voice and her face, she’s so cute and she looks like she’s only 19…to me, she will always be 19, she will never grow old lol. she always shows how much she cares about being honest with people watching her videos and I find it amazing. she keeps growing but she’s still the same girl talking to a camera sat on the floor. I love her make up sense, she always wears warm tones which are the colours that suit the best on me!



I firmly believe she’s one of the most beautiful girl out there. but the most amazing thing about Carli is her soul. I love the videos with her boyfriend… I just don’t have words to describe how gorgeous these two people are, not only outside, but if it’s possibile, even more inside. she has a great fashion sense and her make up is always on point.



Sammi…how amazing are her outfits? seriously, I would like to go to her house and steal all her clothes. I freaking love how she matches clothing and creates her own style.



srlsly…there’s someone who doesn’t love this super duper crazy girl? I die for her accent and her as seen on tv videos. I always have lots of fun watching what she uploades on youtube and her eyes are so insanely blue!!



if I start using nivea after shave balm is thanks to her. I love her make up skills, she always knows something different, and shares new products giving crazy advice and hacks like the after shave balm as a primer or shaving cream to remove make up stains!!

ok guys so these are all the youtubers I follow and I like the most, even though I think I’m subscribed to other thousands channels but these people are the first ones I check out when I want to relax or to be inspired.

what are your favourite ytubers? let me know in the comment below so that I can discover new people!!

don’t forget to follow me on instagram where I post daily make up looks, you can find me on jumpintothebeauty or you can simply click on the blue botton with the little instagram camera to go on my page and follow me. if you do that, please let me know in a comment below a pic of mine that you read my blog, it’d be such a pleasure to know you ❤


sinceraly yours, Noemi.


3 pensieri riguardo “My favourite youtube accounts

    1. They’re so nice!! I suggest you even shonag Scott which, I don’t know why but, I forgot to mention. She’s the queen of contouring, I love what she does on her face with shades and lights!! Greetings darling :*

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