my fave lipstick combos

hey guys, welcome back to my blog.

if you follow me on instagram ( ) you already know that in today’s post I’m going to share with you my favourite lipstick combos that I use to create some of my beloved colours to wear on the lips. so let’s get going!


• I want to show you, for first, the brightest shade. it’s a fluo orchid tone that I love so badly .

I reached this colour mixing together the stay matte in shade silky red (essence cosmetics) and beauty uk lipstick in shade 12, chelsea (which is a terrible colour but I like it to lighten other lip products!

to me, this is the perfect summery lip shade and, if you don’t have these products you can recreated it using a very warm red lipstick and a pinky nude one and you’ve done!

WP_20150825_050• the second colour that I show you is a dark red that I create using ruby woo by mac and the colour elixir in shade 45, intense plum. is an intense deep red  that I like wearing all year round.

you can achieve this shade using a neautral red and a super cool plum lipstick shade


• lastly I leave you the pic of this super beautiful colour which I don’t know how to explain. I might say that is a berry shade that I create using 3 lipsticks:

the silk red by essence that I mentioned before, debby lipstick in shade 44 and my lipstick in shade 08 by astra!

soooo this is all for today, I hope you’ve liked this post and let me know in the comment box below if you like these colours and what are your favourite lipsticks to mix to reach a certain shade!!

furthermore, follow me on instagram for more looks and daily make up

sincerely yours, Noemi. xoxo

here all the swatches of the products I mix together:

intense plum, max factor
intense plum, max factor
silky red, essence
silky red, essence
my lipstick in shade 08, astra
ruby woo, mac cosmetics
ruby woo, mac cosmetics
no more kisses 44, debby
no more kisses 44, debby
chalsea 12, uk beauty
chalsea 12, uk beauty

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